Trackless Train with Engineer


ALL Aboard for FUN! The A-1 Express has arrived!

Grab your ticket and climb aboard, a new, one of a kind trackless train ride has finally come to Cincinnati, Ohio! Introducing the A-1 Express! Accommodating both children and adults alike, this train ride seats up to 18 people in 3 brightly colored passenger cars each equipped with an overhead cover and seatbelts for rider comfort and safety. The best part about the train? It’s electric! No more smelly fumes, our eco-friendly little locomotive can be used inside or outside! This state of the art, trackless choo choo train also features authentic sound effects such as a bell, whistle and even that memorable “chuga chuga” as the train departs from the station. The A-1 Express is operated by a fully trained engineer who will not only ensure passenger safety but their fun as well. A boarding station is available for an additional fee to help keep your event organized and show guests where they board and exit the train.



Features of the A-1 Express include:

  • Trained Engineer with every rental
  • Portable boarding station (rented separately)
  • Electric powered = ECO-Friendly!
  • Can be used inside or outside
  • Up to 18 passenger capacity (6 children or 4 adults per coach)
  • Can be used on grass or concrete
  • Covered roof for additional passenger comfort
  • PA system for easy communication
  • Fun sound effects like “Chugga Chugga”, bell and whistle
  • Colorful LED lights



Perfect for any event including:

  • Company picnics/events – An awesome way to entertain your employees and their families!
  • Church Festivals /Carnivals – What festival is complete without a trackless train ride? (Hint: none)
  • Community Outreach programs – Give everyone the chance to ride a train!
  • School Carnivals – Bring the carnival to your students with a trackless train ride!
  • Birthday Parties- Trackless trains are perfect additions to any Thomas the Tank Engine party!
  • Bloc Parties – Great way to meet your neighbors and bring your community together!
  • Parades – How cool would it be to use a trackless train ride in your next community or homecoming parade?
  • Family Reunions- Because you’re the cool aunt or uncle who planned the party!
  • Promotional Events – What better way to bring attention to your group or company then with a memorable train ride?
  • Holiday Celebrations –Spread some cheer with a Holiday Train ride!
  • Fall/Harvest Festivals- Kick off the changing of the leaves with a brightly colored trackless train!
  • Shuttle Service – Can you think of a more unique way to shuttle guest or attendees to your next company Open House or event?

Available for rental in:

Cincinnati, Ohio and Dayton, Ohio as well as the surrounding areas of Northern Kentucky and Southeastern Indiana.

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