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5 Ways Photo Booth Rentals Can Make Fundraisers FUN!

By October 12, 2017January 16th, 2023No Comments
Photo Booth Rental Fundraiser Cincinnati Ohio

Planning a fundraiser can be an enormous undertaking and we understand that well. At A-1 Rental, our goal is to help provide a safe, successful, and enjoyable experience during your fundraiser. One core party rental item, the ever popular The Strip Photo Booth, makes a show-stopping addition to any event. What is the best way to incorporate one into the festivities? These 5 ideas may spark some creativity!

How to Make a Photo Booth Rental Part of Your Fundraiser

1. Make Money

The beauty of renting a photo booth is for your guests to have a lasting souvenir of the enjoyable moments they shared with friends and family. Once you establish a price for the photos, have a friendly employee or volunteer promote the value of purchasing a print or two! Simply walking from group to group and showing off some sample photographs is a wonderful way to break the ice and energize the guests.

2. Sell Ad Space

Photo booth rentals are appealing to prospective event sponsors. The more exposure they get, the more inclined they’ll be to support or donate to your fundraiser. Sponsors may choose to have their logos included at the bottom of the photo strips, which are tangible forms of marketing material that help spread the company’s name long after the fundraiser is over.

3. Use Props

Make it fun and engaging by including props that tie in with your fundraiser’s theme. Your guests will have a blast trying on and selecting fun, unique looks from big sunglasses and crazy hats to mustaches and speech bubbles.

4. Distribute Tickets

Another way to get people talking is simply to sell photo booth tickets at each table. Once one group gets on board and gets up to try out the booth, you can count on creating a little bit of buzz and selling even more tickets.

5. Record Photos

After the pictures are snapped, the booth copies all images to a thumb drive for future use on anything from your company’s website to marketing materials. What better way to build on the momentum of the fundraiser’s success and create a little excitement for next year?


If you’re planning a fundraiser and want to include a high-level rental that creates energy, consider The Strip Photo Booth! Call (513) 761-4386 for more information. We even offer additional discounts to those who stop in to demo the booth, so call today!

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