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3 Ways to Include a Photo Booth at Your Wedding

By January 31, 2018January 16th, 2023No Comments
Wedding Photo Booth and Props Rental Cincinnati Ohio

If you’re looking for a cute, different and fun activity to offer your wedding guests, our Strip Photo Booth is the perfect choice. As a wonderful highlight of the day for your guests to remember the fun time they had on your big day, here are a few suggestions on how to incorporate this great activity into your wedding!

1. Create Wedding Memorabilia

When guests select the “strip” photos on the booth, it will print two copies of each photo— have guests leave one to go in a guest book and keep one to take home. This way, everyone can enjoy the memories made at your unforgettable event.

2. Take Snapshots of Your Wedding Party

The photo booth is no substitute for a professional photographer, but it still offers a unique take on the people present. Have each member of your wedding party take a turn getting their picture taken with you and your partner; these photos will be memorable scrapbook material too!

3. Location, Location, Location!

To make sure guests make the most of the booth, don’t just hide it in a corner. Have it set up in a high-traffic area to encourage your guests to use it. You should also carefully consider your backdrop and props. Make sure they should compliment the theme of your wedding, so you’ll get quality pictures you can use for your scrapbook.

A photo booth is a great addition to your wedding reception, but to take advantage of it you’ll need to be proactive! For more information on The Strip Photo Booth and other equipment, call (513) 761-4386 today. Don’t forget to give us a “like”on our Facebook page too!

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