Patio Heater


$$$ PICK UP & SAVE $$$

Enjoy your outdoor space even during colder months with this durable, portable, powerful heater.  Our stainless steel, propane patio heater will  heat up to 200 square feet.  The control valve lets you adjust the temperature to your desired level.  Great for backyard parties, outdoor wedding reception and cold-weather events!

– Patio heater is designed for outdoor use only
– No preheating required! Ignite heater only when ready to use to preserve propane & extend heating time
– A 20 lb. propane tank may last as little as 3 hours if heater is run on high (maximum)
– It is suggested to run the heater on low, adjusting as necessary, to extend the length of heat use

Use your own propane tank, or you can rent one along with the heater. Propane tank rented separately.
20 lb. propane tank: $35

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Rental Options Available!

Dimensions (LxWxH): 2′ 9″ Diameter x 7′ 4″ Height