Giant Jenga


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This oversized Jenga game starts at 3 feet tall and grows to over 5 feet! Keep your hands steady or this giant tower will come tumbling down!  Ideal for outdoor parties, BBQ’s, tailgating, group events, family outings, camping trips, weddings, bars, adult drinking games, birthdays and everyday backyard use.

Rental includes 72 Giant blocks, in a gray plastic storage box

RULES: Remove one block from any row below the highest completed story and stack the block on top perpendicular to the story below.  You are allowed to tap blocks to find a loose one for removal, but if you move one that you don’t intend to remove, you must put it back before removing another.  Always complete each story with 3 blocks, before starting a new story.

**This item qualifies for a Package Deal. Please see the “Package Deals” tab or ask one of our event specialists for more information.**

Other popular names for this rental: Tumbling timbers, Giant Wooden Tumbling Timbers, Giant Wooden Jenga, Wood Block Stacking Game, and Giant Tower Game

Dimensions (LxWxH): 10” x  36”