Battlezone – Inflatable w/ Interactive Light Kit


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Ready, Aim, Fire! 2-4 competitors do battle using low pressure air cannons that shoot soft foam balls at light targets. The object is to shoot your cannon balls into your enemy’s light targets that are spread out on their side of the inflatable.  When a light target is hit it will temporarily change colors to indicate a point has been scored.  The scoreboard will be outside the inflatable, tracking the score for both teams and will declare a winner when the game ends.  It’s fun for all ages! Comes with (2) sets of air cannons (4) safety goggles, approximately (100) soft foam balls, (10) interactive light targets and (1) scoreboard.

Other common names for this rental item are: Extreme Cannonball, Extreme Cannonball Blaster, Cannonball Air blaster

Dimensions (LxWxH): 22′ x 10′ x 13′
Electrical Requirements: (2) 110v 20 amp circuit
Number of Operators: 1
Restrictions: Warning: The interactive light kit is a wireless system.  If it is being used in an area with multiple WiFi and/or Bluetooth signals, it can interfere with this system.

Additional Set-up Instructions & Troubleshooting:

Light Kit Quickstart Guide (Generation 3) >

Light Kit Troubleshooting (Generation 3) >

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