(VR) Virtual Roller Coaster w/ Operator


The (VR) virtual reality Roller Coaster is ready to make its debut here in Cincinnati, Ohio. This first of its kind, portable, arcade style, interactive roller coaster simulator utilizes the latest (VR) virtual reality technology with the best (VR) oculus goggles to make your (VR) roller coaster ride a mind blowing amazing experience. The Rilix Coaster Simulator has 28 different themes and different intensity levels so that it can be used by all age groups. Each ride is a 3 minute journey and can hold either 1 or 2 riders at a time. Now you can rent your very own Amusement Park Roller Coaster for your next party or event.

Take a test ride here:

See all of our Theme Rides here:

Themes (VR) Virtual Roller Coaster Simulator Rental cincinnati ohioAction  (5)

Blizzard | Desert Valley | Dragon Village | Explosive War | Machine Revolution

Action/Adventure  (7)

Diamond Cave | Dragons World | Gold Mines | Modern Ruin Town | Post Apocalyptic | Shark Island | Water Falls

Adventure  (9)

Dark Swamp | Dino Land | Egypt Guardian (Take The Test Ride Above!) | Happy Christmas | Medieval Villages | Night Life | Pirates Island | Space Exploration | Space Trip

Horror  (3)

Evil Mansion | Haunted House | Science Fiction

Kids  (4)

Cartoon Town | Chocoland | Geometric World | Grove of Heads

Dimensions (LxWxH):
Electrical Requirements: (1) 110v 20 amp circuit
Number of Operators: 1
Restrictions: Recommended for ages 5 and up

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