Sumo Wrestling Jr.


$$$ PICK UP & SAVE $$$

Next stop Japan! The laughs begin when the contestants step into a child-sized sumo suit, complete with miwashi (diaper) and sumo “top knot” wig (helmet). Competitors push, pull, trip, and grab, trying to bring their opponent down to the mat or push them out of the ring. The winner then whips the crowd into a frenzy by doing a belly flop on the losers stomach! Sumo Wrestling is as much fun for the spectators as it is for the participants.
Adult Sumo Wrestling is also available.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 16′ x 16′ x 8′ (Mat)
Electrical Requirements: N/A
Number of Operators: 1-2
Restrictions: Over 48″ and under 65″ tall

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