Fill-N-Chill Table


$$$ PICK UP & SAVE $$$

Do you want a better way to serve cold drinks or iced food? Well here it is! This plastic table can be filled with up to 100 lbs of ice and can be used to serve canned or bottled beverages, seafood platters, sandwich and vegetable trays or anything else that needs to be refrigerated or chilled. It comes with a depth extension piece that will allow you to section off parts of the table or fill with lots of ice. Great for weddings, anniversaries, graduations, company parties, BBQs, picnics, birthday parties, or even holiday parties. Completely portable, collapsible, stackable and can be picked up by anyone. Features a drain hole and a shut-off valve for melted water and ice, it won’t sweat and makes for an easy clean-up.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 73″ x 31″ x 8″

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