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3 Unique Party Rental Options for School Fundraisers This Winter

By November 15, 2017April 19th, 2019No Comments
School Carnival Fundraiser Party Rentals Cincinnati Ohio

Hosting a school carnival during winter is an excellent way to raise funds for the coming year. Fun and unique party rental options can get families excited for the school year ahead while enjoying the weather outdoors. It is also the perfect opportunity to get students, teachers, and families acquainted with one another before the school year begins! Here are 3 of our favorite rentals for Fundraisers:

1. Mechanical Football

Draw the sporting crowd with a state-of-the-art Mechanical Football that works just like the ever-popular mechanical bull. This cutting edge machine is sure to provide endless hours of fun while maintaining a high level of safety for everyone. A fully trained operator is included with the item and will oversee everybody’s safety while on the machine. This can also be a great highlight to the start of football season—both for athletes and non-athletes alike.

2. The Vault

The Vault is among the more popular tabletop options that are ideal for players of all ages. In this game, participants must stop the orbiting white lights on the red light by pushing the trigger at the right moment. Each game lasts for 30 seconds and players must play through all five rounds to win. This versatile carnival game also has different difficulty levels for every skill level.

3. Battle Light Challenge

The Battle Light Challenge is an inflatable obstacle course that comes equipped with LED sensors and intense sound effects. During a round, players are divided into two teams—red and green—and players must tap their color as fast as possible to earn points. Whoever receives the most points wins. This high-energy and addicting speed course comes with a wireless scoreboard that automatically keeps track of who’s winning the game.

A party rental is an exciting addition to any winter fundraiser. For more unique ideas and item selection, call (513) 761-4386 to speak with one of our event specialists today!

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