Double Trouble Bikes (set of 2)
Double Trouble BikesDouble Trouble Bike - Adjustable SeatDouble Trouble Bike - Adjustable Seat Close-UpDouble Trouble Bike - Individual

Double Trouble Bikes (set of 2)

Product Description

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This fun activity requires fancy footwork as well as teamwork to beat your opponents. Pick your partner and sit side by side on a two person bike as you coordinate all four pedaling feet to make the bike move in the right direction: Forward! You hope! The handlebars don’t move, it’s all up to your feet. You steer the bikes just like you would a pedal boat. It’s not as easy as it looks!

Dimensions (LxWxH): 54″ x 53″ x 34″ (Each Bike)
Electrical Requirements: N/A
Number of Operators: 1
Restrictions: N/A